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The Endurance Road Rally Championship promoted by the Salisbury and Shaftesbury Car Club

The 2014 Championship Regulations

2014 Regulations & Registration Form

Download the 2014 E.R.R.C. Regulations
Download the 2014 E.R.R.C. Registration Form

The extracts below, for information only, are from the full Championship regulations.

Changes to 2014 Regulations

Turbo Diesels in Endurance Road Rallying in 2014

Together with moving with the times and admitting small forced induction cars to road rallying, the MSA have also announced a widening of their regs to admit these cars to Endurance Road Rallying from 2014.

The rule is in a modification to R 20.1.1 which now reads:-
“Standard production specification engines limited to 1400cc naturally aspirated petrol, 2000cc naturally aspirated diesel, and 1400cc forced induction diesel are permitted.”

This year the ERRC are admitting these cars to the championship running in the same capacity classes as normal petrol engined cars.  Therefore if your turbo diesel car is 1301-1400cc you will run in class 1 or 4, if it is 1001-1300cc you will run in class 2 or 5 etc.  Novices will remain all in class 7.

If you are considering using a turbo diesel this year, please note that some cars marketed as 1.4TD have an actual engine capacity slightly greater than 1400cc.  These will NOT be eligible, so don't embarrass yourself by turning up with a non compliant car!

Other Changes
In addition, regulations 6.5 and 8.2 have had minor wording changes to improve clarity.

For full details refer to the Championship regulations.